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Teri Diver Biography Photo Teri Diver Biography
Born: 9/6/1971
Aliases: Terri Diver, Terry Diver, Teri Rose

Born: September 6th, 1971 US
Died: January 2nd, 2001 (accidental drug overdose)
AKA: Teri Rose
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Weight: 126 lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Breasts: 34B
Waist: 25"
Hips: 36"
Birth Name: Bonnie Jean Clarke

Teri Diver self proclaimed starlet powerhouse, since her stepping into adult emancipation at early ages.

Few details of her early private life were uttered. She graduated and moved onto college ahead of many of her friends, and took on a psychology major in behavioral sciences, with a true passion for understanding the mental makeup of humanity.

Diver was one of the most dazzling of the 1990s, appearing in over scene after sizzling scene marking over 200 movies. She was popular all through her hardcore career, and one of the most identifiable women in porn through pure hard work and perseverance. Well known for her pure porn-pleasing body. She was always a purist throughout hailing as a true vegetarian other than the man-meat she took on in many a scenes. Although some surgical enhancements were evident Teri took pride in her wholesomely gratifying features.

As with her quick life came rapid responsibilities, Teri turned to the wares of nightlife to seek financial support. Dancing waiting and stripping part time at nights and playing with some friends in a drummer role in a few local bars.

Her stated outward sexual promiscuity was evident from the very start. The brilliant natural surge to sexy standings she gained surely fueled on by many a relationship with both boys and girls before her film debut. While playing on a set in a local bar she met her to - be husband Tom Elliot.

Diver took on work as a school teacher, and supplemented this income by holding down a part-time job at weight-loss clinic Nutri-System. Eventually Diver and Elliot moved to California, where they faced a variety of financial problems. Somehow, the school teacher and musician found their way onto the set of Taboo IV, where they met director Henri Pachard, who convinced Diver to try her moves in porn.

Diver dove into the business in 1991, heating up a series of sweltering sex scenes. Among her early flicks are Bikini City, in which she has sex with Elliott. In one steamy scene with Elliot she deep throats him, then joins Peter North and Brandy Alexandre for a threesome. One of Diver's most memorable scenes can be found in the second Seymore Butts feature, Seymore Butts Rides Again, where she takes part in a threeway with Melanie Moore and Ted Wilson in the opening of the movie.

Teri and husband Tom moved into directing and producing their own films with many scenes under their belts and in the can they felt confident of assured success. Working with Paul Fishbein, the team was off to string together some great productions. Teri shone well in talents for writing, layouts, and performing, while sound and production was handled by Tom.

Teri Diver was a long time sufferer of migraines and blinding headaches described only as sheer agony to those that suffer as she did. At the young age of 29 Teri accidentally overdosed on prescribed painkillers and died tragically after being rushed to emergency care where she suffered a fatal cardiac arrest. Leaving us with a Legacy of fine performances and a brilliant career as a director.

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One of the most prolific sex kittens of the 1990s, Porn Star Teri Diver was a virtual fixture on the hardcore scene throughout most of her carnal career. A round-faced beauty with reddish-blonde hair and one of the most curvaceous bods in the biz, Teri Diver became one of the most recognizable women in porn through sheer hard work and persistence. She appeared in over 200 features during her stint in the business, and turned her intelligence and connections into a lucrative career behind the cameras, as well.

Teri Diver was born on September 6, 1971. Although she always preferred not to discuss details of her previous life, There, she claimed to have majored in 'behavior modification,' although that doesn't sound like a very familiar course of study to us. After turning 18, Teri Diver paid her way through school by stripping on the side. Upon graduation, Teri Diver met and married Tom Elliott, who she ran into while he was playing drums in a barroom band.

Teri Diver worked as a school teacher, helping make ends meet by holding down a part-time job at weight-loss clinic Nutri-System. Eventually Teri Diver and Tom moved out to California, where they were beset by a variety of financial problems. Somehow the school teacher and musician found their way onto the set of 'Taboo IV,' where they met director Henri Pachard. He convinced Teri Diver to try her hand at porn, and a star was born.

Teri Diver broke into the business in 1991, heating up a series of scorching sex scenes. Right from the start it was clear that Teri Diver was something special. Among her hottest early flicks are 'Bikini City,' in which she romps with Elliott in one steamy scene, then joins Peter North and Brandy Alexander for a fervid threesome. In 'Sex Nurses,' Teri Diver turned in a searing threesome with Kelly Blue and some lucky stiff, then later took on Peter North and T.T. Boy in a raucous, screamingly hot tryst.

One of Teri Diver's most memorable scenes can be found in the second Seymore Butts feature, 'Seymore Butts Rides Again.' Teri Diver takes part in a frenzied threeway with Melanie Moore and Ted Wilson that opens the flick and sets it off on its ridiculously torrid way. Teri Diver and Tom soon moved into directing and producing their own flicks, with the help of AVN published Paul Fishbein. They worked well as a team, with Teri Diver writing, directing and performing, while Tom produced, wrote and did all the music. Together they made a string of blistering features, with Teri Diver getting directing credits in over 40 of them.

A migraine headache sufferer for years, Teri Diver's life came to a tragic end on January 2, 2001. She apparently took an overdose of her migraine medication, which caused her to lapse into cardiac arrest and expire. Teri Diver left behind lots of lusty scenes to remember her by, but she was always most proud of the work she did behind the camera. Although for the most part unappreciated while she was alive, her videos helped bring a much-needed dose of female perspective to a scene that is often lacking in just that. She will be missed.

Biography at Luke is Back
Teri Diver performed in four years worth of porn videos in the early 1990s.

With her husband Tom Elliott (Todd Bergendhal aka Ren Savant), they made about 45 videos.

Reluctant to talk about her background, Teri says she was "emancipated" at 13, started college early and majored in behavior modification because "I wanted to know why so many people behaved the way they did."

The vegetarian paid her way through college by dancing in nudie bars.

Teri became a school teacher for five years, during which time she met and married her husband Tom. She also worked part-time as a counselor for Nutri-System because "everybody in my family tends to get fat.

"We approached the business pragmatically," says Teri. "I didn't get into the business to be a star, but to make as much money as we could... We ran into financial setbacks from moving to California, and we just happened to be on the set of Taboo IV and ran into [director and producer] Henri Pachard. We talked with him, and he convinced me to give acting a try."

Under five feet tall, Diver has 200 sexvids under her belt. She wrote a regular behind-the-scenes column for Oui magazine.

"Originally, when I started writing the column, I found myself getting more and more political, until finally, the magazine yanked my chain and said they wanted me to be 'downright nasty'." (AVN 11/92 p.68)

Moving quietly behind the scenes, AVN Publisher Paul Fishbein, one of the half-dozen most powerful persons in porn, helped Teri and her husband Tom Elliott begin making their own product.

AVN 8/96: "Teri Diver and Tom Elliott's productions run the gamut from drama (Compulsive Desires) to satire (What's Up, Tigerpussy?) to light comedy (Anal Intruder 9). They're the Woody Allen of porn, in that, beyond an intelligent, original story and hot sex, you never know what to expect from them.

"The couple first met at a bar where Tom, a percussionist by original career intent, sat with the band. The success of their nine year marriage is a classic example of opposites attracting. Tom, a North Dakota native, still hasn't told his fundamentalist parents what they do for a living, while Teri, a true California girl, sends her parents tapes." (AVN 8/96)

Diver says she began writing porn scripts "because we encountered so many dumb ones."

Teri directed Addictive Desires. Brittany O'Connell stars as a journalist investigating nymphomania. Through her interviews and meetings, she's drawn into the twisted side of desire. Brittany's first meeting is with Debi Diamond who treats her to a gang bang with Deb in the middle of Sean Rider, Kyle Phillips, Dave Hardman and Andrew wade. Afterwards in the bar, Brit spaces into a fantasy f--- with Teri Diver.

Misty Rain is the next tawdry tour guide. Realizing that she's a full blown nympho, Brit heads down to the auto wrecking yard and gets demolished from both ends by Max Cady and Frank Towers. (AFW 97D)

Teri and Tom's best production is 1995's The Sin-A-Bun Girls. "Teri wins a bakery in a card game but finds that it would take more than hard work to make it a sucess. Done in the style of such '70s classics as Hot 'n Saucy Pizza Girls..." (AFW)

Pat Riley reviews 1993's Buzzzz!. "Teri Diver wrote this junk... I've never seen a good movie written by her and the reason is simple. How can a woman relate to that rush of blood to your dick when you see a dewy-skinned tight-bodied little chickie getting it for the first time? How can a woman feel that uniquely male thrill of vicariously humping that sex object on screen? They can't... Before you start lecturing me about Patti Rhodes and Raven Touchstone let me remind you that both of them are under the control of strong directors (Fred Lincoln and Henri Pachard)... Just as I can't see why a woman would find Mel Gibson "sexy", so Teri has the same problem with the male viewpoint. She's biologically limited." (X-Rated Videotape Guide 4, p. 177)

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